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Visual content has now overtaken textual content, becoming the most powerful way for a brand or a business to reach its clients in the marketplace.
Thanks to the impressive growth of the web, video has become an essential part of any communication strategy: the winners are those who are aware of the fact that viewers are more likely to engage with and share creative video content which they feel connected to on an emotional level.

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Our 3-Step work method


We spend as long as is needed talking to you, to clearly understand your objective and advise you on the most suitable type of video to achieve the required result.
We will submit to you on paper a storyboard showing what we will produce in the video. Based on your availability we will create a production plan with the required days for shooting; time management and your collaboration during this phase are fundamental, to avoid wasting your valuable time..


We produce video in 4K using cinema optics, having at our disposal all the techniques that can give value added to the narration. Drones for aerial shoots, gimbals to get fluid movement of images, remote head cranes to get more dynamic shots, audio recording with the best technologies identified for different situations.


Once the material has been obtained, we move on to editing, the phase in which your project begins to take shape. We will submit to you a preliminary version and a selection of music clips; having completed the final edit, incorporating feedback from yourselves, we will move on to the final colour-grading phase.

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