360 Video and Virtual Reality

Turin 360 Video and Virtual Reality

The public is constantly looking for new stimuli and 360° Video and Virtual Reality are two fantastic systems for creating interactivity and complete immersion in the message you want to convey
360° Videos can be filled in 3D animation or in live action; by using a multi-camera system it is possible to shoot simultaneously everything that happens around the camera, so the viewer finds themselves at the centre of the action and can decide on their own view point, being totally immersed in the progress of events.

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The applications are infinite: the only limit is Your Creativity!

This type of video can be viewed directly on YouTube by moving the mouse cursor, or on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, that use various motion sensors to track the user’s movements.
To obtain even greater engagement, by simply moving the head, it is possible to use various devices such as Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift. Fundamental devices for Virtual Reality, where the environment in which the viewer movesis fully 3D.
The user is free to move about within the space thanks to sensors positioned in the room, and to interact with the setting by using special devices such as gloves or controllers.
For the public, 360° Video and Virtual Reality create a new and extraordinary wayto make use of video, as they feel they are an integral part of the story.

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