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The story of your Business can be told in many ways and 3D animation is certainly one of the most effective.
CGI or 3D animation is one of the most innovative techniques for transforming your ideas into reality: any story comes to life through the modelling and animation of places and objects in 3D; using a wide range of techniques, from photorealism to cell animation, complex processes and products can be presented in a very simple and intuitive way.

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Our 4-step work method

Preliminary analysis

There is infinite expressive and creative freedom in producing a 3D movie; for this reason, it is very important to follow specific phases for designing and creating the video. Unlike shooting in the field, we can position the video camera anywhere in three-dimensional space! This enormous freedom is, however, managed through a very precise production processso as not to have to re-shoot sequences, which increases time and costs.


Once the idea that will best tell the story of the subject of the movie has been identified, we move to the first phase of modelling and animation to best capture the mood of the story.
At the same time, an accurate storyboard is produced, describing scene by scene what will have to be modelled and animated.
Based on this document the various scenes will be created in low resolution and from these will be produced still images with props, lighting and correct resolution.


A first provisional edit or draft is produced to be seen and approved by the client, after which various adjustments are made in relation to the animations and the sound editing. Once the client approves the draft version, we move on to the final rendering of the sequences, which takes several days. This phase is very important: it is no longer possible to go back or make changes except via new renders, which will add to time and costs.


When all the scenes have been completed, we move to compositing, which brings together all the elements, adds effects and anytext and graphics ready to send the finished sequences for editing, where the video will be finalised with sound and music effects.

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